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GMCC rotary and reciprocating compressors are widely used in all kinds of air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, dryer, refrigerated truck, water machine equipment, and other fields. Welling motor and its driving system are widely used in the field of household appliances, cleaning equipment, pump products, industrial automation, etc.

From nothing to Top 3 in 7 seven years: GMCC\'s development path for refrigerator compressors

Industry Online News - January-April: GMCC produced up to4.42 million refrigerator compressors, an increase of 73.3%, among the Top 3largest manufacturers in the markets. GMCC just used 7 years from being putinto operation in 2008 to ascending to Top 3, w

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GMCC set a “double-600“ record with a sales volume of over 600 million in April

The latest monitoring data reveals that following the single-month record of 6 million units in March, GMCC’s sales volume broke through 6 million again in April, setting a “double-600” record in the global compressor industry! This news caused a sensatio

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Unstoppable! GMCC’s single-month sales volume broke through 6 million units

The author has found from the latest statistics of that leading compressor brand GMCC had a sales volume of over 6 million rotary compressors in March, setting another record in the industry. This was the 20th consecutive year of growth s

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GMCC advocated the concept of green home appliance at the First Green Home Appliances Summit Forum

The world’s first Green Home Appliances Summit Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan on November 26. This forum was organized by compressor leading brand GMCC, where over 50 elites from the global home appliance industry were invited. GMCC proposed the concept

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GMCC to attend CHEATC 2014

As a major annual technology event of the household electric appliance industry, 2014 China Household Electric Appliances Technical Conference will be held in Ningbo, Zhejiang during November 3-6, with the theme of “Intelligence, Energy Conservation, Envi

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GMCC invited as the only co-organizer for GL2014

The IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (GL2014) with the theme of “Natural Refrigerants and Environmental Protection” was held at Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou on August 31. GMCC was invited as the only co-organizer for being a globally l

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Compressor manufacturers compete in India, GMCC proud to seize half of the market

From January to May this year, GMCC supplied over 1 million rotary compressors to India, with an amazing year-on-year growth of 132%. GMCC has also established business partnerships with all major air-conditioners brands in India, and is well ahead of oth

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GMCC inverter compressors exhibited at the AWE upgraded to meet the new standard

According to a person concerned of GMCC, the overall energy efficiency level of GMCC’s inverter air-conditioner compressors in 2013 was 5% higher than that in 2012. Except the latest Variable Volumes DC-INV Compressors, and twin-cylinder DC inverter air-c

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Chinese, Japanese and Korean experts exchange opinion on Asian inverter technology development

Chinese, Japanese and Korean experts exchange opinion on Asian inverter technology development.

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